What We Do it for..


Its founder , Connie Taylor with other creatives began Today’s Tmrrw in 2012 as a radio platform used to give aspiring (creatives /artist) some otherwise denied airtime. At the time, herself along with fellow creators used the show to openly discuss issues pertaining to them as (aspiring) tastemakers.


Being born out of Harlem, NYC. A place where every block and subway line is saturated with creators looking to drop the next big ‘Thing”. Each project holds a special place in the hearts of many, but always fell on deaf ears..


Today’s Tmrrw has always been about bringing creators together and highlighting those braves souls who make the BIGGEST move one could make as a millennial.. The FIRST step.. By focusing on the creative. We Support those who are actively pursuing their dreams.. From inception to Reality !


Who Is Today's Tmrrw?

Informal Answer: Them, Him, Her, and YOU! Formal Answer : Aesthetic people,willing to come together and help eachother get to the next level.. Whether its by lending their craft, connecting them to someone in their network, or just sharing their experience on a particular topic!

What does Today's Tmrrw 'Do' ?

We push the culture forward by cultivating a variety of events and services that ensure all those involved leave with more than what they came with. Events and Services include : - Networking Mixers - Real Estate Investing Discussions - Entertainment Shows - Business Consulting - More...

How can I connect and be an official 'Today's Tmrrw' Member?

Yes! Sure can visit our Contact Page or email us to inquire about the endless opportunities as far asworking with Today's Tmrrw!

Why is there no "o's" in the name "Today's Tmrrw"?

We figured we'd leave those out and add them to the checks coming in ! #EnoughSaid