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As we adjust to the times we connect this time around via Zoom..

Follow through, as we link with this beauty with many skills under her belt! It is my pleasure to introduce Akosua Nyantakyi - Cassaberry to this big chat session as she bears gifts in the form of GEMS.

'Author'preneur , Mom and founding CEO of ImAkosua LLC & - Akosua covered a host of topics including what it takes to run a successful business, selecting the members to a team that gets the job done, & even the importance of self care.

Leading into her most recent book " Why Every Pregnant Woman Should Write a Book" - Akosua shares some of her other books as well as accomplishments & clients she's worked with.

So grateful to Akosua for taking the time out to have this conversation, & I hope that you find the gems of todays conversation helpful and follow her on all her social outlets as well as support her businesses and books as they are intended to help someone out there find their voice.

A personal favorite discussion in the dialect besides the emphasis of 'self care' would have to be the suggestions by Akosua to pick up a pen and "Write it out". As its told, writing things down can help you through the best and worst of times. Taking the time out to jot things down, even when its as simple as 'how your day was' can many times get us out of our own heads, making us better equipped to take on the task(s) of the day after quieting the noise that's in our heads so to speak.

LET US KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS - Lets Open up the floor for discussions on what was covered!

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