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July 9th 2022 was one for the books ~ The New Old School has done their thing again.

A series of events all happening under one roof on the same day .. What a vibe!

Haven Lounge in BK so graciously housed the event.

With a pop up shop that consisted of a bunch of dope vendors.. Including Sabby Cakes & Little Pâté Pillows (which at this point are the official- unofficial vendors of TNOS events ) Blessing all in attendance with the good eats, Alongside other amazing food drink & product vendors.

The day began with the industry panel discussion, lead by C Taylor of Today's Tmrrw . Bringing back a long hiatus of hosting since the pandemic. With the same vibes and intentions.. The panel covered a lot of topics, including their superpowers, coping mechanisms and 'niching down' in business. The panel of 5, made up of a host of backgrounds included:

Tawana Blassingame - Editor & Chief of Queen Size Magazine, Executive Producer of the Full Figured Industry awards ( Stay tuned for that its coming up November'22)

LJ the PeaceMaker - Radio Host, Motivational Speaker, Empowerment coach, Hosting 'The Brighterside Podcast' Every Thursday at 9pm on DTF radio.

Trev Cassaberry - Author, Engineer, Business Consultant who teaches Entrepreneurs how to negotiate for contracts and to scale. With the For the Hustler book series Volumes 1 & 2 out now & Vol. 3 on the way .

*Check out Vol.1 Book review Here. *

Akosua Cassaberry- Author & publishing specialist who teaches her niche to build Brand authority. Visit ImAkosua,con for more on her services.

Jamilla Pipersburg - CEO & founder of Realm Concept market that provides Self care goods for all skin types w| a focus on POC.

Authentic conversation ensued, between the panel and the Audience which made for a dynamic outcome of shared thoughts.

Next Order of of business was the concert .. & BOY DID THE ARTIST DEM SHOW OUT! They came out & did their thing for the rest of the night with the night caping off with a performance from the man of the hour .. Mr Bobby Stone.

The Event as a whole turned out to be a beautiful occasion, with the sole purpose of coming together along with celebrating life as Bobby saw another year around the sun. Bless up and stay tuned for more TNOS events to come.. Keep up with The New Old School Brand at

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