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Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Communication designer Tommy P has released his first e-book. Common Cents, a beginners guide to investing.This easy to read reference book has all the main ingredients necessary for a successful financial future. Common Cents teaches you how to affectively save and track your financial goals, all the working parts involved in stocks, how to rate your risk level and earning interest with the stock vs savings account all with amazing visuals.

Tommy P has spent the past seven years connecting data and design at fortune 500 companies such as J. P. Morgan Chase, Merrill Lynch and KPMG. During his time spent in these institutions it occurred to him that financial literacy could be simplified and made available to those who needed it. Thus Common Cents was created.

“ As a project baby, I, as many of my friends and family grew up with a miseducation of money. Having money wasn't important, looking like you had money was….I am here to educate and simplify what you need to know when it comes to investing. "

He's here to let people to know that investing can seem complicated, overwhelming and almost pointless for most of us - But there's help!

Common Cents a beginners guide to investing is an e-book designed to eliminate your financial fears. Learn how the stock market works, pros and cons of a savings account vs investing and how to build a portfolio. You will also get access to helpful resources, a glossary of terms used in everyday investing plus you can redeem a free stock.

So wether you're new to investing or already got your feet wet in the game, use Common Cents to invest in your future!

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