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With the pandemic and global shut down hindering us all from coming together previous years, it felt good to get out the house, dress up and celebrate the thing we can’t live without… The Earth!

This annual event was postponed previous years, but well worth the wait! Couldn’t ask for a better event to kick off our “we outside” vibes than the TNOS EARTH DAY FASHION SHOW. At The Invisible bully in Brooklyn.

The night was hosted by Bobby STONE himself, & had a few others come up and bless the mic during intermissions between designers.. notably Dave Lester @mrmorethanfunny on Instagram as he engaged the crowd with a set of jokes that kept the crowd laughing!

The vibe was giving 'support and be supported', as the drinks flowed between sets, guests were able to support the different vendors on deck. Some that we supported & loved included Little Pate Pillows and Sabby Cakes LLC

"Give people their flowers while they are still here" - Bobby Stone

Well said -- & at this event, this notion was expressed by example ! As 3 people were recognized for their strides in the fashion industry in one way or another. The honorees were: Tawana Blassingame (@tawanablassingame) - CEO & Editor in Chief of Queen Size Magazine (@queensizemagazine), Christian Noel (aka Chris Perez @beardedchrisnoel) - Big and Tall model, & Tamara Ivey (@iamtamaraivey) - Brand Strategist/Stylist/Influencer

On to the topic of discussion and premise for the night... The Fashion!

Featuring his brand IVIT clothing, Bobby bought out his brand to open, which like all the other designers of the night, bought inclusivity to all shapes and sizes.

Naked Escape LLC came through with the bathing suits, all with exotic names as she introduced each piece as well as her son. which she expressed as her 'why' to keep going.

Love is Wealth (LW) - Had EVERYTHING custom made .. including the shoes on the models.. I even think I saw some LW socks in the building!

SMS Style - Harlem based Designer was repping in Brooklyn with his assortment of urban wear.

Frantzyface - came thru with the floral arranged casual wear & gave out a bouquets worth of flowers as each of the models handed flowers to audience members.

Nayburhood Koolkat on the scene with the usual heat. The one piece sweatsuits, dresses as well as the dressy custom pieces hit the runway.

REK Designs - Closed out the show with elegant evening wear fit for an elegant gala.

With all that being said, Can't wait to see what's next for the TNOS fashion show - Stay tuned for the next one happening April 23rd, 2023! See you there & always stay updated with anything going on with The New Old School at

Photo Credits : @Ninety4shots @PhotosByDrew @_ineyeshot

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